Saturday, August 29, 2009

Welcome Jessica and Isidora to the Porter family!

Isidora and Sarah
Announcing....Isidora Perisic all the way from Serbia! We are so excited to have Isidora join our family for the next 10 months. She is a terrific girl, very smart, pretty and fun to be around. She is an amazing basketball player....played on the Serbian National Team and is a fantastic point guard. We are hoping that the AIA here in AZ will allow her to play this fall with our team. She will be a great asset and we will be tough to beat with her in charge on the court. She and Sarah are already great friends and Sarah is so glad that she is here, no longer an only lonely in this big empty house! We can't wait for all of you to meet her. She is AWESOME!

Jilian, Shea and Stuart
Tarin, Kevin and little Macie
Jessica's Family
Chase and the little girls
All of us: Jilian, Stuart, Shea, Sarah, Chase, Jessica, Me, Brad, Blake, Kevin, Macie and Tarin
Shea Shea

Tarin and Macie after burning her finger on a spotlight
Chase and Mom
Stu, Shea and Jil
Grandma, Jody, Lori, Lanise, Kaylene, Monette, Annie, Tarin, Lynsie, Hillary, Jilian Shanna, Cheryl, Teresa, Me
Kevin, Ryan, Blake, Forrest, Stu, Tyson, Bryce
Ok, I seriously never thought I would get into blogging, but since all my kids and extended family are, it seems that I am out numbered. So here I am. We have had a wonderful week celebrating the marriage of Chase and Jessica. What a beautiful day we had at the Draper Temple. Jessica looked beautiful in the amazing dress that Grandma Porter made and Chase has never looked more handsome (or happy). It was especially great for us as most of our family could be there since it was in Utah. That was definitely a bonus! There is no better feeling than knowing that your kids are happy and doing good things with their lives! We are as always, grateful for the love and support of our fantastic family. You're the best!

The Hoffman's did a wonderful job with the Reception. It was seriously the most fun reception I have ever been to. I am so happy that they will be close by and I am sure that Chase and Jessica will visit often. Brad and I were surprised to see old friends whom we haven't seen for years come through the line. That was definitely a highlight. Over all, it has been a great week. Our open house here in Mesa went well too. It's always fun to see old friends. We were sad to say good by to everyone today as they head back to Utah. Now I can't wait till the Holidays!

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